Disposition of the German Fleet 1919.

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A lot of my alternate navies depend on the German Fleet not being scuttled at Scapa Flow in 1919. I create the Allied Reparations Committee to sell off all of the German Naval ships (or cede them to the victorious Allied countries giving the Germanic States a credit for each ship toward the reparations levied). For the AU Navies it is not only the ships completed by the Germans but also the nearly complete ships that can be used to provide somewhere like France the start of a decent modern fleet. The forgotten fleet is the Austro-Hungarian Navy that was surrendered at wars end. That navy also has uncompleted ships (some real some not so real) that I use to create the start of the Galician Navy. Below is a list of real and AU created ships and where they end up in my alternate universe.

Capital Ships
Class Name Ship Disposition
Baden Baden To UK - tested to destruction
  Bayern To US - tested then bombed by W. Mitchell
Sachsen To France - renamed
Wurtemberg Retained - completed 1922
Mackensen Mackensen To France - Renamed Lyon
  Graf Spee Retained
Lutzow Lutzow Retained
  Yorck Retained
Derfflinger Derfflinger To France - renamed
  Seydlitz Sold to Argentina
Prinz Adalbert To France - renamed
Konig Konig Retained
  Markgraf Sold to Argentina
Grosser Kurfurst Retained
Kronprinz Wilhelm Sold to Argentina
Kaiser Kaiser Retained - converted to raider
  Friedrich der Grosse Retained - converted to raider
Kaiserin Retained - converted to raider
Prinz Regent Luitpold Sold to Iberia
Koenig Albert Sold to Iberia
Helgoland Helgoland Sold to Iberia
  Thuringen Sold to Iberia
Ostfriesland Sold to Argentina
Oldenburg Sold to Argentina
Brandenburg Sold to the Netherlands
Weisenburg Sold to the Netherlands
Von der Tann Von der Tann Sold to Argentina
  Anhalt-Dessau Retained - converted to CVE
Moltke Sold to Turkey
Goeben Sold to Turkey
Westfallen Westfallen Retained
  Nassau Retained
  Posen Sold to Argentina
  Rheinland Sold to Argentina
  Worth Sold to Turkey
  Weimar Sold to Turkey
Blucher Blucher Sunk
  Manteuffel Retained
  Prinz Heinrich Retained

I would really like to have a few more German ships to spread around. An extra couple of Konig class would help a lot.
France already had enough of the 12" and 13.4" BB's it needed the most modern ships.
I have added extra ships with the Superimposed Germanic States, because of the extra turrets provided by only having inline turrets and no wing turrets.

With the German fleet being dispersed around the world, the Allied Reparations Committee has done its job in providing funds to be dispersed to the Allied countries on a pro-rata basis that was worked out. The German merchant fleet was also ceded to Allied countries and sold off. A lucrative business.


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