KM T-31 (DD-1934)


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Standard inter-war destroyer type, the ships of this class were rated as Fleet Torpedo Boats by the Germans. The ships were slightly smaller and had one gun less than the equivalent Commonwealth destroyer classes but the Commonwealth destroyers were to the 1500 ton limit while the German ships were supposed to be 1000 ton ships. While the Commonwealth ships were armed with the 4.5-4.7" guns to the Germans 4.1", the 4.1" fired as far as the Commonwealth guns at a slightly faster rate. Both nations carried two quadruple sets of torpedo tubes.

The light AA armament was the same as all minor combatants, the number of guns grew and grew with other systems being removed to make room for the enhanced AA weaponry. The above drawing is the class type in 1943 with the appropriate light AA guns and radars to match.


Displacement 1,200 tons std, 1,650 tons full load
Length 318 ft
Breadth 33 ft
Draught 13 ft
Machinery 2 shaft Steam Turbines 34,000shp
Speed 36 knots
Range 3400 miles at 18 knots
Armour nil
Armament 3 x 4.1" (3x1)

4 x 37mm (2x2)

6 x 20mm (1x4 2x1)

Mines 40 when fitted
Torpedoes 8 x 21" (2x4)
Complement 195
Notes T-31



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