History can be boring when you know exactly what is going to happen. It is much more fun picking a start point and seeing what your mind can come up with to make a different part of the world come alive and be more than what it was and is. Using the strategic games to create a time-line for your alternate universe is one way of giving the background to your country a kick start. Using special points in history as start points by giving them a different outcome is another way to start your world. Then all you need is a bit of time and patience to make it all come alive.

This is my first try at creating something like this, so all the mistakes are mine. Remember that any mistakes may have been made on purpose to support some idea of mine in the unreal world I have created. More of these alternate countries allied to the Australis timeline will be added as I get to them. They will be like Australis in that it will be the naval side of the new world that I focus on. Control of the seas is paramount to trading interests.

 I'm happy to answer questions that these worlds may raise. Contact me at nigevids@gmail.com

A note for all. While all of these battleships and cruisers guns could fire 25,000 yards out to 45,000+ yards, the longest ranged hits achieved were by the Warspite's 15" on an Italian Cavour class battleship in the Mediterranean at 26,000 yards. The same distance approximately (26.500 yards) was achieved by the Scharnhorst against the Glorious off Norway in 1940. The Warspites 15" fired 29,000 yards at 30 degrees elevation (Navweaps) while the Scharnhorsts 11" guns fired a maximum of 44,760 yards at 40 degrees elevation (Navweaps). Capital ship actions after 1940 were mainly night actions (Guadalcanal, Matapan) or bad weather (Scharnhorst-v-Duke of York) where distance was not a factor. Later (1944-45) where the advances in RADAR made achieving a hit at longer ranges than 26,000 yards a possibility, there were few or no enemy battleships left to try out the new equipment on. Most well known actions started at 20,000 yards (River Plate) out to 25,000 yards (Denmark Strait) but hits were not achieved till the ships were closer together. By 1944 battleships had been reduced to fire support ships or big AA escorts. It is a sad fact for battleship lovers that the Japanese developed an 18" AA shell for Yamato.


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                    These are the last drawings for Zealandia, I could do some Minesweepers and other smaller ships, but there is little you can do with a minesweeper. It is what it is. Time to dream up something else.

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Battleship of the 21st Century:   My idea of what a battleship/battlecruiser built this century may look like. 


Maps of my World:   Maps of Europe, South America and North America, Africa showing the changes I have made. 


Whittles World: Where jet engines arrive early and mean aircraft carriers need some new parts.


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The Sea Battles.  This is where I will put the battles pages of the various participants and the results.


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My original intent for this site was as a display for the 1/700 scale ship models I had designed and built as 'never built' kits. Lots of variation on standard kitsets. The photos of these in conjunction with 'Shipbucket.com' drawings were to create pages in my Alternate Universes. Unfortunately the photos made the site too big. My ISP only gives 50mb space for homepages. A good quality photo of my alternate USS Kentucky can be well over 250kb, you do not get many photos onto a site at that size when you have 80+ ships to display. Hopefully one day I will be able to afford a bigger site. Untill then you will just have to put up with what is here so far. The Shipbucket drawings suffer from the same problem I have with the 1/700 scale kitsets, the scale you are working with does not provide accurate drawings no matter what they may believe. At a scale of 2 pixel to the foot the Shipbucket drawings have a problem with their weapons. A 20mm gun drawn as 1 pixel line gives a barrel 6 inches in diameter which would be more appropriate for a gun of 70-80mm size. The Shipbucket drawings have pretty little add ons like stanchions down the sides of the ships to carry the guard rails - both of which are also the 1 pixel - 6 inch sizing. The drawings look pretty and are good to look at but cannot be taken as 'correct' as per my points above. To get to a 'True' scale drawing the Shipbucket drawings would need to be at least 3 to 4 times their current size. These would be huge. This is not a criticism of Shipbucket.com, the drawings done in the scale they use are awesome, I have had a wonderful time using them for my Alternate Universe creations.

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